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salumificio murru

MURRU dressed pork factory

Irgoli - Sardinia - Italy

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Salumificio Murru SpA

Address: Via Marconi, 66 Irgoli (NU), Italy

Telephone: +39 (784)-978270, 978271, | FAX: 39 (784)-978272, 978046

Aut. : EEC 875/L

Fresh pork production

Sardinian salami Ham Spiced roast pork Cured back fat

Different kind of sausages



Since 1965 Murru dressed pork factory is growing more and more. In order to meet the market’s requirements, the existing factory, built in compliance with the European Rules and thoroughly computerized, is going to be furtherly enlarged. It is sure, indeed, that the accurate artisan-care will remain unchanged for the carrying out of the different stages of production.

The success of Murru products lies first of all either in the high quality of raw materials: legs, salami, loin, bacon of Italian pork, flavoured only with aromatic herbs or in the careful search of the best local recipes.

The large range of products includes different kind of sausages, Sardinian salami, cooked or raw ham, bacon, cooked pressed pork, cured back fat, Bologna sausage, uncooked pork meat, spiced roast pork, chine of pork, wiener.

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