Typical Handicraft

The careful search of an age-old civilization

Sardinian craftsmanship has its roots in tradition and it is mainly the expression of the ancient Sardinian civilization.


The raw materials help create original, precious products and works carried out by clever craftsmen using the traditional techniques for working of the raw materials such as wool, cotton and linen dyed by vegetable or natural colors for carrying out carpets and tapestries, and embroidery; the asphodel for the execution of baskets; ceramics with the production of terra-cottas; wood-carving of furniture and above all of wedding chests; and also the cork for the execution of many objects; cutlery (the famous cutlery from Pattada, where they are still hand-made by master craftsmen), and lastly wrought iron.

Jewelry with the use of coral, beside the silver and gold for the production of filigree-works, originates from the nuraghic age. In fact though the modest standard of living, a very important place was held by jewels and general accessories.

Enriched by the several civilizations that colonized Sardinia, the local handicraft has indeed kept all its originality and sobriety that make it unique.


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