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Gastronomy North

Province of Sassari

The typical courses in this area include snails, lamb "cordula", "cavolata" (a popular cabbage dish), roast squid and dormice - small polyps cooked in tomato sauce.

In Alghero, the chief town of fish gastronomy on the north-west coast of the island, you can eat Catalan-style lobster, stuffed squid, fish in garlic sauce and scampi soup. In the near town of Castelsardo, "risotto" al nero di seppia (risotto in cuttle-fish sauce), lobster "the Castellanese way" and Catalan-style soup are very famous dishes. On the north-west coast, it is also possible to taste Maddalenina-style soup, different kinds of mussels, picked up near the Gulf of Olbia, and many other local varieties.

At Christmas-time and on All Saints' Day, sweets called "papassini" and "sospiri di ozieri" are rather popular. At weddings people get served "tiliccas" and "gatto' with honey" and during Carnival you can eat "zippulas" and "amaretti". "Formaggelle", known also as "casadinas", represent a nice section of the Sassarese confectionery tradition.


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