Trenino Verde
Excursion with the "Trenino Verde"


Calcareous intrusions

During the journey, you will see luxuriant forests, unpolluted rivers, calcareous intrusions and abundant fauna. 

Excursion to Ogliastra with the “Trenino Verde”, open to all. Depart from the station of Arbatax and Tortolž, on board the diesel electric locomotive built in 1956, and travel to the State-owned forest of Montarbu di Seui, through one of the still wild regions of Sardinia, the Ogliastra.
 After a short walk in the forest of Montarbu dž Seui or Niala di Ussassai, and along the railway line, a typical Ogliastra lunch will be served, consisting of: antipasto (charcuterie and olives), first course of culurgionis (ravioli suffed with potatoes and four cheeses or fresh pasta with wild boar sauce), second course (suckling pig or lamb, or roast wild boar), vegetables, cheese, fruit, sweet and as much wine as you like, digestive (acquavite, mirto and limoncello). Return to hotel in the evening.



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