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Gastronomy South

Province of Cagliari

Among the typical dishes of this region, we shall remember "malloreddos campidanesi" in sausage ragout and spaghetti with lobster.

Among the main courses, besides roast sucking-pig and kid, which are served in all restaurants in the island, we can also choose among several types of roast game. Fish-based dishes, though, are the most popular and due to the great variety of fish available, we are going to mention just a few ones: spaghetti with lobster, "burrida", "cassola" (a rich fish soup), fish-cake, breaded and fried sea-anemone, crabs, scampi, etc.

Vegetables need a special attention too. In particular, we shall mention artichokes, which are very flavoury and have thorns. For this reason, they are quite different from the ones on the continent. Tomatoes and aubergines, as well as all early vegetables, are also well-known and appreciated.

Among sweets, we shall mention "trigu puddinu" - a typical sweet made of wheat baked in "sapa" - "pappai biancu" and "giasminus". We shall leave you with the pleasure of discovering yourselves all the other varieties of sweets that will not fail to surprise you with their exquisite quality.


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