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Gastronomy West

Province of Oristano

The typical dishes of pasta that one can find along the coast include "bottarga-style spaghetti" - that is spaghetti with dried and grated mullet eggs - "malloreddus in the Oristanese fashion", with spinach and cream, "risotto alla pescatora" and "sos maccarones de urta", with melted cheese and pepper.

Among the fish-based dishes, you can have eels, big eels and "mrecca" - that is mullets, boiled and aromatised with marsh herbs. It is a simple dish, but it deserves the attention of the best gourmets. These dishes of fish, as well as many others, are the result of a strong fishing tradition in the big coastal ponds of the Oristanese area.

A meat-based dish that is worth mentioning, being very typical in the Oristanese region, is "su ghisau", stewed meat of different kinds.

In Oristano, "mustazzolus" are very typical sweets, but "pistiddos", "parduas" and "gueffus" are also very popular.


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