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elticaL a E l t i c a *(D.O.C.)

granitiI G r a n i t i * (D.O.C.)

muighessaM u r i g h e s s a

other winesO t h e r W i n e s

"Colores, profumos, aromas chi, da-i misteriosas venas,

sun trasfusos in sas ûas, fizas privilegiadas de su sole"

In open meadows surrounded by huge granite outcrops, at east of Limbara and at west of the blue and sparkling sea, in virgin lands, unyielding and intact, we cultivate the noble "Vermentino" and the old renowned "Moscatello". Both grapes have, by natural vocation, the characteristic scent, aroma and flavour of the rich, original and at times unique botanical samples which adorn, brighten up and enliven the mountains of Gallura.

These generous vineyards are surrounded everywhere by ancient woods. Colours, scents and aromas are instilled through mysterious veins into the grapes, the favourite fruits of the sun, mistral wind and eastern salty wind.

other types of wine


Our winery also produces:

Binzalvinu - Sparkling wine, demi-sec Vermentino

Careja - Sparkling wine, brut Vermentino

Mirju - Sweet raisin wine

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